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What Is The Best Way To Market A Book (How To Promote A Book)

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When it comes to publishing a book, marketing and promotion is such an important aspect to consider. You may have written the best book in history, but without good promotion, people will not be aware of your work.

The promoting and marketing processes are an essential part of publishing a book, especially in the first few months. They increase the popularity of your book, and help to drive sales.

If you are marketing and promoting your book as a self-published author, this is not an easy task. It takes research and knowledge in order for your marketing to be successful. 

To help you with this process, I have compiled a short list of the best ways to market and promote your book. This list covers a wide variety of different techniques, from using services such as Author Community, to increasing your presence on social media. 

Author Community

One of the best ways to market and promote your book is through a service called Author Community. This is a fairly new service that has proven success when it comes to increasing book sales.

It is a fantastic text messaging based service that allows authors to connect to their readers in a new and interesting way. When you sign up to this service, you are provided with a unique Author Community number to use.

This number can be placed within your published book, to allow your readers to connect to you personally. While other methods of communication are useful, text messaging is the fastest and most effective method. Reaching out to readers via text messaging is a game changer when it comes to promoting your book. 

Once a reader engages with your Author Community number, you then have a record of this, and can use the information received to help promote your book by reminding readers to leave a review of your book. 

Author Community can be used in so many different ways, and you can alert readers of upcoming events, which is useful during your book launch or book tour. Being free, it is certainly a great service to trial and consider. You can try it out here

Book Reviews

Book reviews are an important aspect to marketing and promoting your book. When a potential reader is considering purchasing a book, they will often look at its reviews. This helps them to have a better understanding of whether the book is for them.

If your book has a lot of reviews, most of which are positive, this puts your book at a stronger position of being purchased. This is why many authors try to gain as many reviews as possible, and why Author Community is such a useful tool to use. 

In addition to using Author Community, you can reach out to reviewers and bloggers to inquire about whether they would review your book.

Social Media 

Social media is an important aspect to marketing and promoting a book. While you can choose to use traditional methods of marketing, the majority of people use social media. As a result, using it to promote your book is one of the best methods to adopt.

Having a social media presence is important, and it helps readers to engage with your books. The more of a following you gain, the more likely it is that people will find and be interested in your book.

You can even utilize social media and create reading groups for your book, or tap into current reading groups to see if they would be interested in reading and reviewing your book.  

Guest Posts And Blog Tours

Guest posts and blog tours are a great way to market and promote your book, especially if you are working with an influential blogger. By creating a guest post, this allows the publicity of your book to reach more people. 

Blog tours are also a useful promotional tool to set up. This entails things such as book snippets, reviews, and author interviews on a series of blogs. Many authors choose to run this during their launch week to create the maximum amount of exposure for their book. 

Book Tours

Physical books are also an important part of marketing and promoting your book if you are in a position to be able to do this. They allow your readers to meet up with you in person, and listen to you talk about the book. It certainly helps to increase interest in the book. 

If the book tours are taking place in local bookstores, you can use promotional materials within the store to increase the amount of interest there is in the book tour too. This will encourage more readers to be interested and potentially attend.


If your book sales and reviews are slow, and you are looking to increase your exposure, paid advertisements are a useful tool to consider. However, given that this is a paid for service, it is not something that is accessible to everyone. 

There are many different avenues you can use to help advertise your book. You can choose to use websites, blogs, and social media. This is a particularly effective way to market your book, especially as you can target specific audiences and ages. 

Emails and mailing lists are useful, but many people gloss over their emails, rather than reading them fully, which is worth keeping in mind. In addition to this, you can choose to use more traditional methods of marketing, such as magazines, and billboards too. 


This is just a handful of ways in which you can promote and market your book in the best possible way. I would recommend using more than one of these techniques to increase your exposure as much as possible, especially during launch week. 

The most important aspect to remember when marketing and promoting your book is to engage with your audience. This will encourage readers to leave reviews, and want to read future books you release.