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How Much Do Authors Make Per Book On Amazon (Inc. Self Published)?

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With the rise of Amazon, and next day delivery, it is so easy to receive books quickly. Amazon is simple to use, has hundreds and thousands of people using its service daily.  Given that Amazon is so popular, it generates a lot of book sales. 

This is important for traditionally published authors, and it is essential for self-published authors. Without Amazon, self-published authors would find it increasingly difficult to generate book sales. Through Amazon’s popularity, there has been a huge increase in the amount of self-published authors.

If you are a reader or someone looking to publish a book, it is only natural to wonder just how much money authors make from Amazon. In this article, I will be talking you through roughly how much authors make per book on Amazon, and how authors can increase their book revenue. 

How Much Do Traditional Authors Make Per Book On Amazon? 

When it comes to publishing a book, there are two avenues an author can go down, traditional publishing, and self-publishing. Traditional publishing is the type of publishing more people are familiar with. It involves sending your manuscript or proposal to a publisher, and this will get rejected or accepted.

If accepted, the publisher agrees to publish the book and the author will usually receive a sum of money before publication. After publication, they make a profit from royalties they receive, which is on a per book sold basis.

Self-publishing is slightly different to this, because it completely bypasses the use of a publisher. Instead, the author publishes the book themselves. While self-published authors do not receive an upfront advance payment, all of the profits made from their book is their own. In addition to this, they do not have to worry about being rejected by the publisher. 

Interestingly, if you have a book that is traditionally published, it is unlikely to earn as much as a self-published book when it comes to the amount of profit made through Amazon sales.

When a book is sold on Amazon, the author will receive royalties from this. This is the same concept as when a book is sold in a bookstore or through a publisher’s website. The profits made by the author are the royalties they receive. 

For traditional authors, the amount of money they receive from royalties will vary, and authors do not typically receive the same amount. It will all depend on their agreement with the publisher, and their individual contracts.

On average, an author will receive around 10-12% in royalties per book sold. When you take into consideration the overall costs of a book, this is typically around $1. The price is based on the retail price of the book. 

While this may not seem like a significant amount of money, this is in addition to the advance an author receives from the publishing house. When a book is successful, the profit from royalties can generate a good revenue.

How Much Do Self-Published Authors Make Per Book On Amazon?

When it comes to self-published authors, they do not receive an advance from a publisher, because they do not follow this publishing process. While this is a risk, if the book is successful, a self-published author can quickly earn more money than a traditional author. 

This is because they will keep almost all of the profit made from each book sale. Unlike a traditional author that has to split the profit made with their publisher, a self-published author does not need to split the profit made in the same way. 

A self-published author will still need to pay for printing costs if they are selling their book physically, and this can cut the profit of the book to 50%. But, when compared to a traditional author, this is a significant increase.

When it comes to publishing a book on Amazon, a self-published author will have to pay a small fee to Amazon. This is to cover the costs of the book being displayed on the website. When looking at e-books specifically, the cut Amazon takes is around 30%. This means that the author will receive a 70% profit from their royalties.

If a book is successful, this can generate a self-published author more money in the long run in comparison to a traditional author. This is one of the reasons why self-published authors have become more prevalent over the last decade. 

Author Community

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When the reader signs up to the free service, you can prompt them to leave a review of your book on Amazon. This is particularly useful, because positive reviews are important for book sales. With an increase of positive reviews, your book is far more likely to be successful and sell more copies. In turn, this will increase your revenue. 

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The amount of money an author makes on Amazon varies depending on the specific author and whether they are self-published. In general, self-published authors, especially those with e-books, will generate a better profit per sale on Amazon. This is because they do not need to split the royalties made with a publisher, they just need to pay the flat rate Amazon fees.