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How Do I Promote My Self Published Book (Simple Ways To Promote)

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When it comes to self-publishing a book, there are a lot of aspects you need to take into consideration. As self-publishing does not involve a publisher, you will need to promote the book yourself. 

Often, self-promoting can seem like a mammoth and daunting task. However, it does not have to be difficult, and there are techniques you can implement to help you be successful with this.

In this article, I will be chatting you through some simple, yet successful ways to promote your self-published book, to help increase your sales and success.

Author Website

The first way you can promote your book is by setting up an author website. It will help potential readers find out information easily, and this platform can be used to promote your book.

If you are implementing the best SEO techniques, this enables your website to rank highly on Google’s search results, which is important. The more traffic your site gains, the more promotion your book is going to receive.

You will want to purchase your own domain so that it can be customized, and end in .com. These sites typically rank better for SEO. While an author website is great, you will want to use it alongside other types of promotion. It is not something you will want to rely on solely. 

Social Media

If social media is utilized correctly, it can quickly become one of the most powerful promotion tools. 

When setting up social media accounts, we would recommend all of the popular outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you enjoy filming promotional content, you could choose to use TikTok or YouTube too. 

The fantastic thing about social media is that it allows you to reach a wider scope of people. It allows readers to connect with you quickly, and it is a better way to engage with people in comparison to a website. 

Keeping up with social media outlets is not an easy task, and it is certainly something that is time-consuming. However, it is worth putting in the effort when it comes to helping promote your book. Scheduling and drafting posts can help you to plan and manage your accounts successfully.

In addition to social media, it is worth looking into Goodreads. It is a book based site that focuses on books and book reviews. You can register yourself as an author, and interact with users via messaging, and comments. Being a Goodreads author will give your book more recognition and promotion. 

Book Reviews

Book reviews are a fantastic way of promoting your book.

The opinions of other people hold weight in the book community, and if a book is receiving a lot of reviews from readers and reviewers, more people are going to be influenced into reading the book. 

Keeping this in mind, you will want to try to gain as many book reviews as possible, especially when your book has been first published. 

Author Community

There are a handful of ways you can gain book reviews, such as reaching out to bloggers and reviewers. However, it is not always guaranteed that they will accept your review request. 

In my opinion, the best way to receive book reviews is by using a service called Author Community. By signing up to Author Community for free, you are given a unique Author Community number that you can place into your self-published book. Readers can then reach out to you personally, using the free text messaging service. 

In return, you can provide the reader with extra information about your book, and once they have finished it, you can prompt them to leave a review of the book, via a text message and link. As book reviews are a big part of promoting your book, by engaging with readers on a personal level, they will be more likely to review the book.

Given that Author Community is a free service, it is certainly worth utilizing, and can completely change and improve the way in which you interact with your readers. Not only this, but it is such a useful tool to use to help promote your book. 

You can use the service to send geo-targeted messages that link to author events and book signings, too. The customization options are fantastic, and there is so much you are able to achieve through Author Community.

Paid For Advertisements

Paid advertisements do have their place when promoting a book. While there is an expense attached, they help to further the reach of your book both online and offline. It is worth looking into these options in more detail to find out which audience is the best option to advertise to for your book.

Independent Bookstores

When it comes to successful book sales, Amazon is one of the best options to consider. It allows readers from all across the world to purchase your book, and it will give you the best chance at promoting your book.

While Amazon is great, you will want to explore other avenues when it comes to promoting your book too. I would recommend reaching out to local independent bookstores to find out if they will consider selling your book.

If the store does agree, this can be a fantastic way of gaining extra promotion. They can place your book on display, which will encourage more people to see the book and potentially be interested in it. 


I hope you have found this article useful. There are so many ways you can promote your book as a self-published author. While being self-published can have its disadvantages, given that you are responsible for your own book promotion, this is not too difficult to achieve.

To achieve the best results, I would recommend using more than one of these techniques. The more of them you implement, the more successful your book promotion campaign will be. 

If you would like to try a demonstration of Author Community, you can do so here