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How Do I Get My Book Reviewed (How To Get Reviews For Self-Published Books)

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If you have recently self-published a book, you may be wondering what next steps you need to take in order for the book to be a success. Book reviews are a pivotal part of receiving book sales. 

This is because a lot of potential readers rely on reviews to give them a better idea of what a book is going to be like. If a book has an abundance of positive reviews, more people are going to be interested in it. 

When you self-publish a book, you are essentially relying on yourself to reach out and gain the reviews you need. While some readers leave reviews, not all readers will, which can affect your book sales. 

However, there are two main methods you can use to help your book receive more book reviews. In this article, I will be talking you through these methods.

Connecting With Your Readers

Before I discuss the methods, you should be aware of the importance of connecting with your readers. 

Having a good connection allows the reader to gain a better understanding of you as an author. If you are someone they can reach out to and contact, it is likely they are going to enjoy your book even more.

In today’s society, people are more connected than ever, with the rise of social media, and smartphones. As a result, this is something authors need to understand and utilize. Building a platform for readers to share their thoughts and opinions can help to build reader loyalty and interest in future books. 

Not all readers want to leave reviews, and this is fine. However, reaching out to readers and asking them their thoughts on your book can encourage positive feedback you may not have initially received.

Author Community 

Following on from a connection to your readers, while social media is a great tool, there are ways you can take your book campaign to the next level. A method that has proven results is Author Community. 

Author Community is a text messaging service that encourages and allows your readers to connect with you, the author, on a personal basis. When you sign up for this free service, you are given an Author Community number that is unique to you. This can be added to the book you have self-published, which then allows readers to connect to you directly. 

The service offered is fully flexible, and you can create your own auto-generated responses based on your book and its content. When the reader signs up to the service, it is also free for them to use. From here you can make their reading experience unique and dynamic. 

Given that the majority of people use their phones daily, this is the best way to connect to your audience. Text messaging is quick and convenient, especially when compared to emails, and it is often under-utilized. 

At the end of each book chapter, you can encourage your reader to reach out to receive more information. Author community then sends automated messages to the reader. These text messages can include aspects such as background information and extra details about what has just happened. 

By giving your readers more information, you are keeping them engaged, and this will encourage them to leave a positive review of the book and their experience when they have finished reading it. 

What is great about the Author Community service, is that it offers a unique experience that feels more personal than a newsletter or an email. This is something that a lot of readers will appreciate.

After a reader has finished reading your book, you can send them a friendly text invitation to review and rate your book on Amazon. Given that the link can take them directly to the page, and they are interacting with you as an author, it is likely that they are going to leave a positive review.

Instead of the review request getting lost in the spam emails, it will sit in their text messages, and they will be more likely to respond to this. This is a great way of receiving more book reviews.

Reaching Out To Reviewers

While engaging with current readers is a fantastic way to receive positive reviews, if book sales are slow, you may want to consider reaching out to reviewers. Reviewers can help to start your reviewing process, which in turn, can encourage more people to read and review your book.

When reaching out to reviewers, you want to read their review policy to help you know whether your book will be accepted. In addition to this, you will want to personalize the message you send, to build up a good relationship with the reviewer. 

While reaching out to reviewers can be quite time-consuming, it is certainly worthwhile, as they can help your book reach a wider audience. 


When it comes to self-publishing a book, gaining reviews is one of the most difficult aspects. It is often a Catch-22, because you need book sales in order to receive reviews, but then you need book reviews to sell books. 

As I have discussed in this article, this is something that can be overcome with the correct amount of engagement. Engagement is key to building up a good relationship with both readers and reviewers. 

By using Author Community, you are giving back to the reader by offering them interesting and unique content about your book, and in return, the reader is more likely to leave a review. 

In addition to using Author Community, I would recommend reaching out to reviewers, especially if book sales are slow. Reviewers can share your book with their audience, and if they leave a positive review, this will increase your sales. 

The most important thing to remember is patience and persistence. Self-publishing does require a lot of input, and time, but once you start receiving positive reviews, and an increase in sales, it makes it all worth it.
If you want to try out Author Community for free, you can do so here.