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Can I See Who Bought My Book On Amazon (And How)

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If you are a self-published author, it is natural to be curious about your book sales. Book sales are something every author works towards. Amazon is a lifeline. It allows you to list your book and sell it to readers, without the need of a traditional publishing house. 

Independent (Indie) bookstores can help with book sales, given the reach Amazon has, it is one of the best sites to use. While Amazon is a fantastic platform to use, it does have limitations when it comes to seeing who has purchased your book.

In this article, I will be discussing why there are limitations to the information an author can access on Amazon. I will be talking about a fantastic way to connect with your readers, through a text messaging service called Author Community.

Can I See Who Bought My Book On Amazon?

Unfortunately, you cannot currently see who has purchased your book on Amazon. While this would be a useful feature, systems are put in place to protect the buyer. When you consider data protection and privacy, this is completely understandable. 

Although you cannot see exact details, Amazon allows you to analyze how your book is ranking in its genre category. In addition to this, your KDP account talks you through payments received and statistics. This allows you to see the current orders and sales of the book.

These statistics are useful as they help to determine whether your book is selling well. However, the raw numbers do not connect you to the people behind them. As an author, the connection to the reader is one of the most important aspects to consider, especially if you are self-published.

Connecting To Your Audience

Given that Amazon does not provide a list of the people that have purchased your book, it is up to you as the author to help readers connect and engage with you. 

This is why it is so important to include contact information within your book. The most common information authors include are things such as websites, and social media handles. 

While you can choose to include your email address, this is not always the fastest way to connect and respond to your audience. As emails are slower, many authors tend to use social media instead. Social media allows them to reply quicker, and get to know their audience better. 

Even if you are not a huge social media user, I would recommend setting one up, to share some of your day-to-day life, or your writing process. This will help to increase your engagement, and allows readers to gain a better understanding of you, as an author, and a person. 

Including contact information with your book, allows readers to become more engaged with your content. If you do not include contact information, this limits your readers significantly.

Using Author Community To Connect To Your Readers

While social media, author websites, and emails are useful contact details to include within your book, if you want to take this connection to the next level, you will want to consider using Author Community

Author Community is an impressive text messaging based service that encourages and increases engagement with your readers. When you sign up for this free service, you are given your own unique phone number, which is then printed within your book. This allows readers to connect to you directly. 

Once printed, readers can then use the free service to contact you with their questions and thoughts on the book. It will also prompt the reader with specific automated questions you have set up to ask. Author Community is a fantastic way of gaining a better understanding of how well your book is performing, and to receive feedback directly from readers. 

Linking this service directly back to Amazon sales, when a reader texts your Author Community number, their details are saved within the safe and secure system. This then allows you to reach out to those engaged with your texting service.

This enables you to share information such as upcoming book events, book teasers, geo-targeted texts, and also calendar reminders with the reader. 

These texts are far more personal than an email that will likely end up in the reader’s trash. It is quick, easy, and will catch the attention of the reader. In this day and age, people’s focus is on convenience, and there is nothing more convenient than a text message that requires little effort from the reader to respond to. 

The automated messages, you can set up and personalize, serve as a friendly reminder to readers of things that may be of interest to them. In turn, it allows you to have a better understanding of your target audience, and who is purchasing your book. 

Author Community is so versatile, and you can customize it to connect to your readers in a unique and interesting way. Your readers do not need to log into the service, and you can sign up instantly, without the need of a credit card.

If you are someone that has found connecting to your audience stagnant, I could not recommend this service enough. It will help you to build up a better picture of your audience and their preferences.

Author Community helps with current book sales and the amount of reviews you receive. You can incorporate the feedback received from the service into future books too. 


While you cannot currently see who has purchased your book through Amazon itself, Author Community allows your readers to reach out to you via text message. It is a useful service that is free, and gives you a clearer idea of who your audience is. 

When you are self-publishing a book, connecting to your audience is crucial. Sales figures are great to analyze, but your readers need a way of connecting to you on a personal level.

If you would like to try out Author Community, you can do so here: